Automobile Elevators

Installed where ramps are considered space- in conservative for smaller buildings (usually in apartment buildings where frequent access is not an issue, car workshop where judicious space usage is very important). The car platforms are raised and lowered in the similar fashion as freight elevator except for the fact that size and load carrying capacity of elevator platform is in accordance with the dimensions & weight of largest vehicle to be transported between floors. We Offer all types of vehicle elevator up to 5000kg for cars and tempos. We is specialized the concept of vertical transportation of material through its innovative techniques and designs.
We Installer and supplier superior grade Automobile Elevator. Our Automobile Elevator is safe, reliable, stable, comfortable, and energy- saving. The Automobile Elevator is equipped with four or six symmetric guide rails, to solve the problem of wobbling caused by the unbalance load of car. The door of the Automobile Elevator is equipped with reliable optical screen protection or infrared electronic protection, to ensure the safe entry and exit of automobile.

Automobile Elevator Features
VVVF control system, to save the power consume.
PLC Based 24 volt control system.
Geared/Gearless Traction system.
Two- side open door is possible at ground floor at the same or different level.
Speeds ranging from 0.5 m/s.
Capacities from 200kg to 5000kg.

Automobile show rooms, Multi- level parking & Rooftop parking ETC