Explosion Proof Elevators

Explosion Proof Elevators
Pakistan Elevator Engineers and material hoists are ruggedly designed and constructed to withstand the unforgiving environments of the oil and gas industry. Explosion-proof and corrosion resistant elevators are available. With varying capacities, car dimensions and configurations available. We provides the single best option for supplying your next elevator in the oil and gas industry.
By understanding the safety doctrine present in the modern industrial world Pakistan Elevator Engineers’ experienced project managers, engineers and field experts are here to develop the ideal procedural plan for the design and installation for your specific location with attention to the unique perimeters at each location. Our German-engineered and manufactured elevators are the safest, economical solution for moving personnel and materials vertically in your facility.

Explosion Proof Elevator Features
Its IP55 protection.
Totally safe, reliable, comfortable, highly-effective, energy-saving, and highly accurate.
It adopts advanced natural explosion-proof safety measures. Better natural safety equipment components can be installed for easy and economical maintenance.
They can withstand heavy loads, as well as areas where explosions are likely to happen.

Suitable areas
Chemical industries, ammunition and explosives industry, and powder propellant factory and warehouse
Zone 1 and 2, II A and B in the explosive gas surroundings
Zone 2 (1) and Zone 2 (2) in the DIPA21TAT4 explosive dust surroundings
Explosive gas in the II B and DIPA21TAT4 explosive dust

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