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Electrical Misc

  1. Invertor Barking Resostor 1000/w

2. Inverter Barking Resostor 600/w

3. Inverter Barking Resostor 300/w

4. Connector

5.  3 Phase Connector

6. Elevator Over Load Controller

7. Elevator Door Lock

8 . Electric Connector 380/V

10. Electrical Circuit Breaker

11. Main Power Breaker

12. Power Controller

13. Electrical Door Sensors

14. Travelling Cable

Cops & Lops

The car operating panel is equipped with all the components necessary for the operation of an elevator. The car operating panel is more compact and therefore more cost-effective than a panel. With the different button systems, an enormous range of designs is available. The faceplate is normally made of satin stainless steel with 240 grit. Other materials are available or can be provided. For the fixing of the panels, various alternatives are available. Please view some of our quality products from Turkey.

Control System

We designed our own PLC Based elevator control system which provides customers the most secure, scale-able, versatile, and affordable access control solution available today for elevators. Our controller having a unique feature “to manage it remotely” from all over the world.

Most of the time we use inverters from Yaskawa (Made in Japan/UK) for the modernized elevator control systems. We also used the world’s best brands like ABB, Schneider in our control panel. in 2020 we introduced the HEDEFSAN HD controller which is the most successful brand in Turkey & European countries. Our new HEDEFSAN HD controller ISO certified along with a complete user manual ISO Certified connection drawing and obviously full customer support by the Liberty Elevators Engineers team.

  1. PLC Based Control System

2. PLC Controller

3. Yaskawa Elevator Inverter / Drive

4. Elevator Control Panels

Cabin Doors

  1. Auto Center Opening Door

2. Auto Side Opening Door

3. Manual Side Opening Door

4. Telescoping Door

5. Manual Grill Door


  1. Mirror Finish Elevator Cabin

2. Stainless Steel Elevator Cabin

3. Metal Finish Stainless Steel Elevator Cabin

4. Hairline Stainless Steel Elevator Cabin

5. Wooden Elevator Cabin

6. Panoramic Glass Finish Elevator Cabin

7. Elevatorr 3d Cabin


  1. Geared Traction Machine

We deal in Made in Turkey, Italy & China Geared Traction Machines

2. Geared Traction Machine

Mechanical Misc

  1. Guide Rails

2. Guide Rail Shoes

3. Guide Rail Brackets

4. Guide Rail Shoes

5. Slotted Guide Clips

6. Rope Bracket

7. Nut Bolts

8. Steel Wire Rope

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