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As times change, lifestyles change. Tall buildings with 2 to 3 bedroom apartments have replaced the old type of houses. Noisy and crowded marketplaces have been replaced by air-conditioned shopping malls. Staircases are complemented by elevators in almost every newly constructed building. These signs of modernization cannot be ignored. With new technology and developments, there is a continuous urge to change and modify existing systems, and elevators are no exception.
Technology always introduces additional comfort, convenience, or style. Liberty Elevators offers replacement benefits at the time of reconstruction, renovation, in case of construction of additional floors or after several years when there is tremendous wear and tear.

Elevator Modernization services by Liberty Elevator.

Replacing the old electrical control system with the state-of-the-art Microprocessor Controller. It reduces breakdown to a great extent.

Replacing elevator doors for assuring safety and adding a better overall appearance.

Installing high-quality serial and parallel inverters to increase travel comfort and reduce energy costs.

Replacing the operation panel improves the looks of the elevator and building, which gives it a modern look.

Replacing the cabin gives the Elevator a modern look.

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